Our main focus in the warmer months in Colorado is asphalt maintenance and repair.  We offer practically any and all forms of service ranging from simple pothole repair to entire pavement reconstruction projects.  Offering the most widely used services and latest in pavement technologies and techniques we offer the following services commercially and residentially. 

Parking lot and roadway sweeping

Hot rubber crack sealing

Asphalt repair work – pothole patching, road-cut repairs, damaged asphalt removal and replacement, asphalt milling, and infrared asphalt repair.

Asphalt sawcutting

Sealcoating – seal coating of driveways, parking lots, air strips etc…and all of which we still do by hand ensuring top of the line wear ability, performance, and above all neatness.

Striping – new parking lot layouts, re-striping, custom stenciling, and reflective markings and striping.


During the winter months, our main focus is commercial snow removal and ice management.  Our snow removal fleet consists of over a dozen later model heavy duty plow trucks outfitted with commercial grade snow plows.  We also have at our disposal a bobcat skid-steer style uni-loader and a John Deere 4X4 front end loader to handle larger storms and to move or stack snow.  With nearly 30 years of commercial snow removal in the Evergreen area, we are the most experienced and well equipped commercial snow removal company.  To manage snow removal on sidewalks, our summer pavement crews are always ready to shovel and maintain sidewalks.  To ensure that they are cleared, a small army of men takes care of clearing snow from sidewalks and applying ice melt to ensure our customers have safe access to their parking lots and roadways all the way to their doorstep.  We also provide ice management and traction enhancing services.  Rock salt is used to control ice in the problem areas via salt spreaders mounted on the backs of specific plow trucks and sand/rock salt mix is used to provide traction on slippery slopes and long slippery roadways using a large truck mounted sander.  On a typical storm our snow removal and ice management team consists of anywhere from 8-15 people and upards of 20 people or more are working on the crews during larger storms.  Much like the attitude we have during the summer months, our goal in the winter is to be the best company around for addressing our customers needs with unrivaled customer service.

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